Friday, April 23, 2010

Centurion Accordo (frame only)

Univega Viva Sport

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tired Wheel Deal VI: Univega Modo Volare

Tired Wheel Deal V: Mondia Super (frame only)

Don't be fooled by the name on the seat tube. Perhaps the previous owner's name was Giovanni, or something. In any case, it's been repainted, and was hard to tell what the frame truly was. Can you figure out the giveaway?

If you guessed the bottom bracket threading, give yourself a gold anodized track cog. Swiss bikes used french thread pitch with reverse threading on the drive-side cup. Here is more info on Mondia bikes.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Tired Wheel Deal III: Bridgestone MB-1

During my regular commute home through the mean streets of a somewhat large city close to Canada, I saw a bike leaning against a tree. Noticing it was unlocked, i naturally slowed to see if it was (a) abandoned and (b) worth claiming. This was certainly both: the MB-1 was the top of the line mountain bike made by Bridgestone, and I would guess this model was from 1993 or 1994. 

For those with scruples, rest assured I did my due diligence trying to return this obviously stolen and disgarded bike to its rightful owner (While I was immediately suspicious that I was looking at a stolen bike, the 27" wheel forced onto the fork really sealed the deal). However, I was unsuccessful, and thus found myself in an awkward position: I was in possession of a bike I was unwilling to sell (I didn't feel right selling a stolen bike, yes, that was part of it, but also, my covetous nature made me reluctant to part with a bike of such storied lore). And, being unwilling to sell it, I found myself also unable to ride it, since it was far too small (I am similar to this gentleman in height).

 I can be forgiven for loving this bike. It was hand-built by Tom Ritchey himself, with top-shelf Tange tubes. The components were Shimano Deore LX (drivetrain) and Dia Compe (brakes) with Ritchey wheels (or at least a Ritchey rear wheel, since the front was the aforementioned 27", and it was smashed, likely the reason the hammered joyrider abandoned it in the first place). Splendid Suntour dropouts as well.

So what was my elegant solution to this conundrum? Why, I built it up and gave it to my Mum, of course. here it is, fully built: